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Done-for-You Cyber Security Risk Assessments in Delray Beach

Get a full view of your environment and discover where you need protection

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Benefit From Expert Cybersecurity Analysis

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Rest Easy Knowing You’re Protected

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Count on a Rock-Solid Security Plan

Not Seeing the Complete Picture?

  • Does the news of a new breach raise your blood pressure?
  • Is your internal staff unable to stay on top of emerging threats?
  • Are you hoping to just fly under the radar of cyber criminals?

Many Small Business Leaders in Delray Beach Feel the Same Way. It’s Why They Choose to Have a Cybersecurity Assessment.

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Leading You Back to Safety

Your company is like an island of safety – until you connect to the internet. Then it’s as if you’re doing business in a sketchy, crime-ridden neighborhood. Obviously you have to be connected, so we take a hard look at where your Delray Beach company is at risk, then set about bridging gaps and reinforcing your boundaries. Awareness is the first step to improving security standards throughout your business. Let us give you a clear vision and a robust strategy to follow.

  • Guaranteed recovery from cyber attacks
  • Thousands of cyber threats tracked daily
  • Safe, comprehensive data storage

Our Security-First Approach for Your Delray Beach Business

Get a true picture of your security landscape with a cyber security risk assessment (CSRA) performed by knowledgeable cyber security experts. Awareness is the first step to improving security standards throughout your business, and a risk assessment can provide the insight you need to make informed decisions.

Peace of Mind

Know your business is protected against threats.

Proven Protection

We create a clear path to safeguarding sensitive data and your company’s welfare.

Ongoing Support

Security isn’t a one-time endeavor. We stick with you and ensure your coverage, with no surprise fees.

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Their pricing makes it simple to budget for IT expenses. We appreciate not seeing unexpected fees on our monthly bills.

—Abe F., IT manager, agricultural company

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We rely on Blue Light and have used them for many years. They are very professional and easy to work with. Highly recommend.

—David G., COO, real estate company

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Our previous IT company just didn’t give us the support we needed. The people at Blue Light respond fast when we ask for help.

—Tim A., CEO, accounting firm

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From weak passwords to open ports, poor network security, outdated devices and software, and more, there are many potential ways criminals can use exploits through cyber-attacks to gain unauthorized access to a business.

Not signing up for a security risk assessment today could cost you a great deal.

The “Button Up Your Business” Plan

  1. Reach out to our experts.
  2. Get a cybersecurity risk assessment.
  3. Partner with Blue Light IT and be protected.

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