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Why You Should Use a VPN When Connecting to Public WiFi

December 12, 2022

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. This network is used when you are away from your home or office and using public WiFi to connect to the internet, and can also be used at home to further increase network security on your personal network. Outside your private home/work WiFi, your data may need to be more secure due to a complete lack of security on public networks. A VPN will create a secure connection so your data can’t be intercepted by cybercriminals or hackers who want information such as passwords, bank account information, and other sensitive material.

How is a VPN More Secure?

In today’s world, we have many different types of common security issues, such as:

A hacker could intercept your data while using public WiFi. In this situation, the hacker may intercept your online banking information or other sensitive information on your laptop or mobile device. Using a VPN improves your security when using public WiFi.

Data loss can occur when using public WiFi hotspots. Standard HTTP data encryption and decryption used when connecting to the internet is not as sufficient as you may think when transmitting data over the internet. With a VPN, this data is encrypted using cryptography methods and more secure while being transmitted over the internet.

Data theft can occur if you have confidential information saved on your computer or laptop. A hacker can easily steal your bank information or other sensitive data if it is saved/stored on the computer. It’s important to have a VPN that encrypts sensitive data you store and transmits it securely over the internet.

Need to Secure Your Devices with a VPN?

Why Use A VPN?

There are many risks of lacking security when using public WiFi hotspots while away from home/office. Every business and employee must use a VPN to ensure their data is secure while using public internet connections. Here’s why:

  1. A VPN is a secure and reliable connection when using public WiFi hotspots. It creates a VPN tunnel where all data transmitted between your computer and the internet is encrypted. This way, if anyone tries to intercept this information to steal it, they will not be able to understand what information it is. Hackers or cybercriminals cannot steal your data or intercept it even when using public WiFi networks, making it safer for you to use public hotspots while traveling or working.
  2. A VPN can connect multiple devices to the internet simultaneously, even in different locations. This means you can simultaneously connect your laptop, phone, and tablet when you are away from home.
  3. A VPN will hide your IP address so you aren’t easily identifiable on public WiFi hotspots. Keep in mind that a hacker may be able to track your IP address while using public WiFi, identify where you are connecting from, or even discover personal information about yourself, such as your name, phone number, address, and others.

Final Words

Using a VPN when working remotely or traveling is important since it creates a secure connection when you are away from your home or office. A VPN will help encrypt your data as it travels over the internet and also reduces the risk that a cybercriminal could intercept it.

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