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Why Businesses Need to Keep Work Computers Up to Date

July 26, 2022

As technology evolves, so do criminals’ ways to take advantage of software vulnerabilities to break into systems and steal sensitive data. Today’s world is more interconnected than ever, and as a result, the potential consequences of a security breach are more severe than ever. Below, we’ll take a look at some key reasons why businesses must keep their work computers up to date.

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Updates Help Patch Vulnerabilities

One of the most common ways criminals gain access to business systems is by exploiting known vulnerabilities in software that have not been patched. When a new vulnerability is discovered, the software vendor usually releases a patch to fix it. However, if business computers have not been updated with the latest patches, they can still be vulnerable. This was famously demonstrated in 2017 when the WannaCry ransomware attack took advantage of a then-unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Windows to spread rapidly across the globe, causing billions of dollars in damage.

Updates Help Boost Security

Another reason businesses must keep their work computers up-to-date is that newer software versions often include substantial security improvements. For example, the latest version of the Windows operating system consists of several security enhancements designed to make it harder for criminals to break in. Businesses are missing out on these essential security improvements by running an older software version. The security of business systems is more critical than ever in today’s climate, so businesses must take every possible measure to protect themselves.

Updates May Help Improve Recovery Chances

Not only do these updates help to close off potential entry points for hackers, but they also often include features that make it easier to detect and recover from an attack. For example, the latest version of the Windows operating system consists of a security feature called “Controlled Folder Access,” which can help to protect critical business data from ransomware attacks.

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Updates Provide Improved Performance

Software updates also often include performance improvement. Over time, as new features are added, and old ones are tweaked, the overall performance of the software usually improves. This can be particularly important for business computers which are often under heavy use. As software is developed, the developers will usually find ways to make it run more efficiently. By keeping work computers up-to-date, businesses can benefit from these performance improvements.

Updates Provide Convenience

In addition to the more technical reasons for keeping work computers up-to-date, there are also some softer benefits. For example, employees will likely be happier and more productive if they use fast and reliable software. In addition, customers can potentially have a better experience if they deal with a business using up-to-date software. Many customers nowadays expect businesses to be using the latest technology, and if they are not, this can reflect poorly on the company.

Be Sure to Keep Your Systems Up to Date

As we have seen, there are several fundamental reasons businesses should keep their work computers up-to-date. By running the latest software version, companies can avoid known vulnerabilities, take advantage of important security improvements, and enjoy better performance. Now you know why it is important to keep your business computers up-to-date!

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