Offsite Backup

A must have service for any company who takes themselves seriously and considers their business important. The service we provide is fully secure, we use 128 bit two-fish encryption, tunnelled via a secure socket layer (SSL over http). Data that you want to backup is compressed and then encrypted on your own computer network, and only then it is uploaded to our backup server which is located in a secure first class data center. Even though the data in the data center is considered 100% safe, we use raid 5 storage devices with multiple failover alerts, we still go a step further and replicate the data to another data center, which is also completely secure with redundant raid 5 storage array.

Why Invest in IT?

The right investments in IT increase your productivity, reduce your downtime, and let you respond better to your customers’ needs.

Why Managed Services?

Increase productivity, reduce downtime AND control IT costs.

Why Cloud Services?

Increase reliability, improve security AND reduce capital expenses.

Why Blue Light IT

Experience, expertise, and a commitment to producing results for your business – not just your technology.

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