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Is Your Business at Risk of Data Loss? Deerfield Beach Data Backups

May 24, 2022

Many enterprises and organizations agree that data is one of the essential factors that guarantee their day to day operations. Therefore, it is no surprise modern businesses rely on data to refine their processes while improving their operations.

Do you run a business? If so, which strategies do you have to ensure that you don’t lose your data? For instance, what will happen when you lose all your financial, customer, or sales data?

Finding answers to these questions can be challenging, especially if you don’t understand the causes of data loss. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the reasons for data losses.

Worried About Data Loss?

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters always seem to occur when you least expect them. Unfortunately, these events can have a devastating effect on your business. What’s more, natural disasters can also result in the corruption and loss of your data.

Your computers can be destroyed during a natural disaster, and this can result in the permanent loss of company data. The great news is you can minimize the effect of natural disasters on your business, and this will help you avoid unwanted downtime. One way to guarantee work continuity after a natural disaster is making weekly backups of your files in the cloud and in a secure location.
Note that natural disasters can damage your enterprise’s data and technology irretrievably. This is the reason creating backups in a secure remote location can help your business continue with its operations even after a natural disaster.

Software Corruption

Did you know that software shutdowns can seem regular but can cause serious damages to your business data? You might not know this, but improper software shutdown might result in data corruption, deletion of progress, time wasting, and loss of valuable business data.

Corrupt software might never run again and this might result in you losing access to the data you’ve stored in the software. One of the main reasons for software corruption is uncontrollable factors like power interruption, power outages, or other uncontrollable factors. Enlisting the help of a professional IT company to assist you in these areas can be the determining factor of the true security of your data and getting your data recovery in Deerfield Beach.

Company Device Theft

The modern workplace requires individuals to become increasingly mobile. As a result, more work is done from laptops and other portable mobile devices like tablets and iPads instead of desktop computers. Laptop theft or the theft of mobile devices is a serious risk, which can happen to anyone who leaves their gadgets unattended.

In addition to losing your laptops, tablets, and iPads, you might also experience data breach if some company information is present in the lost device. For this reason, it is important to consider having the ability to remotely wipe your data, especially if you have stored it on a secure online location.

Need Help Backing Up & Protecting Your Data?

Viruses and Malware

Viruses, malware and other forms of cyber attacks at the hands of cyber criminals can result in business data loss. Viruses and malware can also delete large volumes of data or render the data unusable or inaccessible. Consequently, a business’ operations might take a hit, and along with the havoc that results from the lost data, relationships with customers, stakeholders, and shareholders become damaged.

Email-based attacks are the primary source of computer viruses and malware. Sometimes, these malware programs are introduced to an individual’s computer through phishing attacks. Knowing this, it is important to counter check URL links to confirm whether the links are genuine or corrupt.

You’re Protected with Our Deerfield Beach Disaster Recovery Services

The situations that could result in your company loosing important data discussed in this article are just a few of the many predicaments you or one of your employees might find themselves in. If you are a business owner, you have worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of your business is running smoothly. Hand in hand with all the essential things that go along with developing and running your business, is the security of the data that your business needs to operate. It is crucial to enlist the help of a highly skilled and experienced professional to protect your companies data and sensitive information.

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