A computer monitor displaying "Data Breach," protected by data backups in Delray Beach.

How Remediation and Delray Beach Backups Help Recover from a Breach

November 28, 2022

We all know that business can be difficult in the wake of a data breach. To best and most efficiently rebuild, you need to take a multi-pronged approach. One of the ways you can do this is through remediation. Remediation is taking technical steps to clean up your system and ensure that you don’t have lingering consequences from a breach. These are some of the steps you should take during remediation.

Make sure your technology is HIPAA compliant

HIPAA compliance is not just a list of regulations you need to follow; it’s a way to protect your clients, employees, and yourself. If you need to know what the proper steps are during remediation, you should consult an accountant or attorney specializing in HIPAA laws. The last thing you want to do is waste money on technology that won’t help your company recover from a breach.

Need to Ensure Your Data is Protected?

Keep your data secure

As a company, are you sure that you’ve taken steps to secure your data? There’s no easy way to prevent breaches, but there are steps you can take to prevent them from having lasting effects and impacts on the rest of your business. This can include securing mobile devices, backups, passwords, and firewalls. You should regularly monitor these systems to ensure they are working as intended.

Investigate insider threats

You need to investigate every breach that your company has experienced. It’s not a one-time event and may have been happening for a long time. Don’t let your past mistakes dissuade you or make you feel like you have no control over the future. While many signs indicate a change in employee attitude, keep in mind that insiders commit most bad acts. They should be your first thought when investigating a breach.

Train your employees

Your entire staff should know about information security and why it’s important. The basic rules to protect your company’s reputation and brand are vitally important. Employees should never open suspicious emails or files, and they should be wary of clicking on a link in an email or on a phone call that appears to be from someone in the office.

Revamp your strategy

You also need to make sure that you’re putting in place the right strategies to prevent a breach in the first place. Your staff should only have access to pertinent and necessary data for them to complete their tasks, and they should be required to adhere to security protocols. You should also put administrative procedures that will allow you to verify compliance with these protocols on the part of employees.

Get help from an IT security specialist

Finally, you should invest in professional IT security services. Whether or not you need to hire a full-time IT security professional, a part-time consultant, or an outside party to perform the tasks, you must be working with someone who knows what they’re doing. If your company is considering a data breach, it’s only natural that you want to learn more about steps your business can take to prevent future ones.

Need Dependable Managed IT Solutions?

Delray Beach Data Recovery & Remediation Services

In conclusion, having a remediation plan in place is a crucial step in protecting your business against cyber-attacks. With the right strategy, you can quickly recover from a breach and minimize damage to your reputation and financial standing. One important aspect of any remediation plan is ensuring that data backup in Delray Beach is part of your cybersecurity framework.

At Blue Light IT, we specialize in providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions, including backup and recovery services, that can help your business stay protected. Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact us today to learn more about how we can help safeguard your business from cyber threats.

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