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There's a deadline on XX XX 2023 that you may not even be aware of.

Whether you are on your own or work for a firm, you are about to have new and strict rules on your computers and securing your data.

The deadline is FAST approaching and Most IT providers have no idea about this and won't be prepared to help you.

This new rule is called the Safeguards Act and the FTC is no longer playing around.

In the past you were required to have a Written Information Security Plan, or as I like to call it a WISP, and that was all.

Now they are demanding incredibly strict things for your data.

You must have things like multi-factor authentication to even log into your computer, you must be constantly monitoring the computers for vulnerabilities, logging your staffs activities, providing cybersecurity training to your staff and much more.

The good news? I own an IT firm that is cybersecurity focused and our services will get you to meet the FTC's compliance restrictions with ease.

We have done this for countless other CPA firms, and our team is ready to step in to help yours. We are amazing, professional, highly rated and can handle all of your IT needs.

Here's the best part: We are offering a FREE cybersecurity and IT audit of your firm.

We'll go through your systems and provide a punch list of things that need to be implemented to get into your firm into compliance.

CPA’s! Be in compliance before the XX XX 2023

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