WINDOWS 7 HDTV DVR Functionality

With the technology of computers and live streaming becoming better and better many computer users are replacing their conventional viewing to a more on-demand style. In order to bridge the technology divide between the TV and the computer Microsoft has created a system where all the media components in a common living room can be networked to provide an unrivalled experience.

The new Windows 7 Media Center with HDTV capabilities and DVR promise to be an outstanding new feature for the new operating system.  For a long time users had to deal with usability obstacles with their current DVR technologies. Their use was very limited to the connected device only in addition for the content which was also locked on the device.  User could not simply transfer the media content to be watched on other mediums such as laptops. The technology is also very limited in the ways that it allows its users to archive the data (only to VHS tapes). Some technologies allow the transfers but the resulting data is only exported on a very low resolution which is slow and requires many frustrating steps.

By contrast, The Windows 7 HDTV DVR makes the obvious a possibility. The system records shows, transcodes them in the background and makes it fairly easy to move the data to other media devices (mobile devices too).

Additionally, unlike most commercial DVRs, there are no additional monthly fees to use the technology. The basic premise of the Microsoft Windows 7 HDTV DVR is that people should be free to view, record and move their media as they see fit. This is not only a promise, theWindows 7 HDTV DVR actually delivers on most of  it.

Users of the Windows 7 HDTV DVR can transfer their content through their wireless network to any device in their network. They can take their favorite shows and movies on the train or to a camping site in nature. Users can see the content on many different devices such as laptops, phones and media players. User can even archive their data in the most common formats.

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