Windows 7
The technology world is very excited about the release of the newest Microsoft Windows’ creation. The latest operations system named Windows 7 is set to be released in a stable format on Oct. 22, 2009 after a long series of beta releases.

Welcome to Windows 7

The release of Windows 7 has been highly anticipated by many of Microsoft’s users for a long time. This anticipation is partly due to the prevalent ridicule of Windows Vista which went public in 2007. Since its inception Windows vista suffered much negative attention, which was very hard to brush off. In an effort to battle the negative publicity Microsoft initiated the “Mojave Experiment” , which tried to convince users that their frustrations were a figment of their own imagination. All in all the damage was done and Vista never got good user reviews. 

While the Mojave Experiment could be expected to change some views of home users, IT professionals were not convinced and even ridiculed the entire campaign. Among the most common complaints were Vista’s myriad problems with its instability, sluggishness, and its hunger for system memory and processing power. Others complained about its slow search functions and many other problems.

Microsoft pledges that this version of its operating system is the answer for the all the Vista critics and an improvement of its shortcomings. The new operating system is promised to be lighter, capable of running on even low-power notebooks and less resource-intensive.

Other upgrades include a new taskbar with new icons that represent open applications. This feature is very similar to the one in the popular Mac OS X, which is the operating system for Apple's computers. 

Windows 7 (Stable Edition) will be released on October 22nd, 2009 in three different US editions
Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows 7 Premium
Windows 7 Ultimate
The Prices for the operating system will start at $200 for the retail Home edition, and end at $320 for the Ultimate edition.

As expected the capabilities of the software will vary with each edition with Windows 7 Ultimate offering the most features.
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Great New Feature - Windows 7-DVR

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