KidAcademy Learning Center

KidAcedemy Learning Center is one of the biggest early childhood learning centers in the State of New Jersey with 6 locations throughout the State and with an experience that goes over 25 years.

While their site’s basic structure was already built utilizing Joomla! CMS it was still in need of a face lift that would help in capturing visitors attention and enable them to navigate with ease throughout the site, as well as a marketing plan that would target all 6 locations throughout the State.

Together with Marketing, we enhanced the social media presence by creating custom mini websites for each location in the individual FaceBook pages. This enabled them to create a stronger connection with they current and future audience and at the same time helping the sites authority on the web

Services Provided
Website Restructuring
Website Design Modification
Website Locations Addition
Website News Area
Marketing Consulting & Planning
Social Media incorporation
Created custom mini websites for Facebook pages
Visit website : http://www.kidacademy.com/