As companies are under constant pressure to find ways to maximise efficiencies and reduce overhead costs, many have turned to outsourcing IT functions as their primary means of remaining competitive. Some of the most common methods include upgrading old systems and consolidating data centres but the overarching goal is to align IT functions to business needs while reducing the cost of IT.

Despite the pressure of outsourcing non-core IT functions to help reduce costs, there is still a reluctance by many companies who do not feel comfortable of giving up control of certain functions.

At Blue Light IT, however, our team of certified IT Professionals go above and beyond the traditional cost-cutting approach as we strive to become a valued strategic partner for your business. We will work closely with your team to really understand your business needs and develop innovative solutions that will create a competitive advantage that can transform your business.

Here are just some of the many benefits that outsourcing some or all of your IT functions to our Blue Light IT team of IT experts can provide to your business:

5 benefits of outsourcing IT functions

Cost Savings

Outsourcing IT functions to Blue Light IT will help your firm achieve very visible cost savings benefits. In addition, by outsourcing either some or all of your IT management and support requirements to our team of certified IT professionals, we ensure that your business is receiving the highest quality service in the industry.

Our commitment to the highest operational and service standards have earned Blue Light IT recognition for being industry leaders in the Remote Management field and helps firms achieve unsurpassed returns on their investments.

Access to the latest technology

At Blue Light IT, our IT experts use the latest technologies and current industry trends to provide the most efficient and comprehensive service to our customers. Our first class Proactive Network Monitoring and support services are reinforced by our site technicians and excellent customer help desk.

When working with Blue Light IT your firm is getting world-class expert support with a higher quality output that will increase over time. In addition, your firm will not have to invest in onsite infrastructure and can use the savings to further other business goals.

Provides greater firm flexibility

Being able to outsource non-core IT functions enables your firm to focus more time and effort on other core areas of your business. This is especially beneficial for companies with high seasonal peaks or is experiencing rapid growth.

We believe in helping businesses focus on getting their ideas made into products and promoting their brand while we provide expert help in ensuring that your IT systems meet your business needs.

Higher focus and specialization of employees

In addition to enabling firms to be more flexible, outsourcing non-core IT functions to Blue Light IT will help companies make better use of management and senior employee capacity in higher value-adding capabilities. Out IT solutions help reduce key employee positions from being burdened by administrative tasks so that more focus can be placed on making strategic decisions and increasing company growth.

By allowing your company to spend more time on growing customer segments and markets, our IT solutions become valuable assets to your business.

Creates greater transparency

We have an in-depth understanding of how difficult it can be for companies to accurately determine where and how their assets are being deployed and if they are aligned with company standards. Our team will work closely with your management team to free up resources and increase the transparency of how administrative and support services are used.

We help companies drive up their overall process efficiency by developing a comprehensive and detailed understanding of all your network-attached IT assets.

Outsourcing IT functions is a big strategic decision that involves careful planning and analysis. Our transparent and no-nonsense approach helps businesses across Melbourne and Sydney feel confident about our capabilities and professionalism that no other company can deliver.

Our team at Blue Light IT are leaders in providing the most innovative and effective services. By helping businesses take full advantage of the significant benefits of outsourcing their IT functions to us, we help them grow and promote their brand in ways they were previously unable to do.

Contact our IT specialists now to find out more information on how we can help your company gain that competitive advantage that will transform your business.


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The right investments in IT increase your productivity, reduce your downtime, and let you respond better to your customers’ needs.

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Increase productivity, reduce downtime AND control IT costs.

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Increase reliability, improve security AND reduce capital expenses.

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