Offsite Online Backup

The backup operation of a business is one of the most essential functions. Every year scores of companies discover the benefits of having a comprehensive backup solution. Some companies realize the value when they are able to overcome a catastrophic data loss rapidly. Other companies wish they had implemented and tested a backup solution prior to the event.

As technology advances the ability to provide an all encompassing backup solution becomes more complicated. Today, comprehensive data backup solutions must be custom fit solutions. The days when cookie cutter solutions were possible have long gone. No two clients use the same technologies, setup or have the same operational requirements.

At BlueLight IT we remain on the leading edge of technology. Our engineers are in a constant quest to implement the most efficient and cost effective solutions available. Our educational approach is much appreciated by our customers since it provides perspective on their network usage. We provide solutions that are highly customizable and flexible to accommodate future expansions.

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Why Invest in IT?

The right investments in IT increase your productivity, reduce your downtime, and let you respond better to your customers’ needs.

Why Managed Services?

Increase productivity, reduce downtime AND control IT costs.

Why Cloud Services?

Increase reliability, improve security AND reduce capital expenses.

Why Blue Light IT

Experience, expertise, and a commitment to producing results for your business – not just your technology.

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