Business automation software is simply explained as making the most out of available computer resources, to execute, track and store business processes which involve manual work by company employees. Basically converting manual work into an automated system, creating a more structured approach to the management of the business.

Some problems, easily solved by implementing our state of the art business automation software are:

business flow documentation
finding correct information.
paper trail explosion.
Information loss.
Inability to track work progress.
Business Flow Documentation (or lack thereof)
From time to time we find client who have some form of documentation for their business flow (workflow). However, more often then not, companies don’t have properly recorded instructions on various roles and activities in the organization. This information tends to pass along via scattered notes, hand me down information etc. This could result in the loss of valuable company knowledge, especially due to staff turnover. As a business process evolves, over time, people tend to find better ways of doing it, and if that person leaves the workplace, without properly communicating his duties, this information is lost.

Finding Correct Information
Without a proper filing system in place, locating information about clients/supplier/employees can be a time consuming task. Searching for the correct file, locating the data on the company network takes up valuable time from the employees. At times there will be multiple copies of the same electronic document, which result in confusion.

Paper Trail Explosion
Besides the increase in awareness of the various green planet programs, and although networks in the work place are a common thing, people still tend to make use of paper in an office environment. Making use of a paper trail is almost impossible to track efficiently, consumes time, and is difficult to backup.

Information Loss
While using a manual system, important information may be omitted. When the company finds out about it, if not too late, a lot of time will be spent on obtaining this information.

Inability to track progress
As a business owner or a division head, do you know the status of every process in your business? How long it took to process each credit application? How long it takes to send a proposal out to a client? Can you track the process throughout its life cycle? Discovering that a time limited proposal is still being compiled, while the submission date has passed, can be extremely annoying.

Using Blue Light IT’s business automation software you will be able to increase productivity in every department of your business as well as addressing all the above mentioned problems, in an easy to use, yet secure automated system.

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